White Rack

White Rack Mineral
Wily Sportsman Products has been working with animal nutritionists to develop products which contain optimized blends of vitamins and minerals for deer. White Rack Mineral is specifically designed to improve and maintain the health of your deer herd.
  • This product was built with your deer in mind. White Rack Mineral is designed to promote skin and tissue health as well as healthy reproduction and strong fertility. Getting the most out of your herd for generations starts with their health and nutrition today.
    • Enhances calcium & phosphorus absorption
    • Supports digestion and energy utilization
    • Improves bone, body, and antler development
    • Uses a unique proprietary aroma for continued results
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White Rack Annual Seed Blend

If you have spent time in the woods, you know that deer like a variety of food sources. It’s Mother Nature’s way of ensuring they get adequate nutrition. The White Rack Annual Blend has 6 different nutritional plants to ensure variety. There are numerous sources of information on the internet or from your county agricultural agents on best practices for managing soil for your food plot. Be sure to take advantage of those informational sources to ensure the best results and to maximize your investment of time and money.

Without proper moisture, weed management and soil enrichment, the weeds will eventually take over and starve out the good stuff you worked so hard to plant. The White Rack Annual Blend is designed to be planted mid-summer to late fall. With the exception of a drought situation, the summer months are generally abundant with nutritional food sources for deer. By planting mid-summer to late fall, you will be providing your deer a food source when the other sources are starting to decline. As the fall season moves along, your food plot will be at its peak and will be an abundant nutritional source for many months! Many of the plants contain bulbs. These bulbs are nutritional sources later in the season. Be careful about planting too early. Deer will eat the succulent immature tops and impede the growth of your plot.

By choosing our White Rack Annual seed blend, you will be ensuring that your hard earned dollars are purchasing the highest quality seeds which will grow into a late season, abundant, nutritional food source for your herd.

  • The White Rack annual blend is designed to be planted mid-summer to late fall. If you’re familiar with food plots you know they can be a lot work. However, they are the most economical and effective methods for improving the natural nutrition available to your deer.
    • Excellent seasonal (Fall – Winter) food source
    • High variety mix of turnip, radish, kale, and more…
    • Grows strong and is abundantly available
    • Ideal for hunting plots

White Rack Clover Perennial Blend

Check out the contents of this Perennial food plot blend! Five different blends of clover embody this incredible mix! Clover is a staple crop that grows freely and shoots up again after mowing’s. Our mix of Clover’s are designed to have different maturation periods. Your deer will continually be drawn to the repeated, staggered flowering cycles and stages.

Our blend contains Chicory which is a robust, hearty, woody nutritional plant that can withstand the harsh mid-summer conditions. Chicory strategically compliments the succulent clover patches and adds to the variety that deer love!

Notice that our blends do not contain any grasses. Grasses can overcome your food plot if included and not managed appropriately. Watch out for them!

Our blend is designed to be planted in the spring. By the time summer rolls around, you will have a solid, plentiful food source for your deer!

  • Five different blends of clover embody this incredible mix. Our blend contains Chicory, which is a robust, hearty, woody, nutritional plant that can withstand the harsh mid-summer conditions. Your deer will be continually drawn to the repeated, staggered flowering cycles and stages.
    • Ideal for hunting plots
    • Grows strong and is abundantly available
    • Contains 5 different types of clover
    • Excellent seasonal (Spring – Summer) food source
White Rack Nutritional Pellets

For years, many of us fed corn as a supplement late in the fall and throughout the winter. Our intentions were good. And the deer gobbled it up. We thought we were helping out with post-rut recovery for those worn out, tired bucks. And we thought we were providing a good food source to help our deer through the long, cold, harsh rough winters.

The fact is that feeding straight corn in the winters can have a negative impact on your deer. Feeding straight corn without other fibrous food sources has been proven to cause an imbalance in a deer’s digestive system. Corn is a good source of energy and protein. However it contains very little fiber, vitamins and minerals to be effective as a sole source of nutrition for a deer. This is why we created the White Rack Nutritional Pellet!

The White Rack Nutritional Pellets are packed with Protein, Fat and Fiber. They contain a wide range of optimized vitamin and minerals which your deer need, especially during the winter months. We’ve even included a proprietary attractant.

  • The White Rack nutrition Pellets are packed with protein, fat, and fiber. They contain a wide range of optimized vitamins and minerals which your deer need, especially during the winter months! We’ve even enhanced this product with a proprietary attractant.
    • Strengthens Immune System and response & supports stress tolerance
    • Enhances Calcium and Phosphorus absorption
    • Accelerates post rut and winter recovery
    • Reinforces embryotic health, pregnancy, gestation and lactation

White Rack Revive Seed Blend
The White Rack seed blend “Revive” is a specialty blend developed for two reasons; to produce large amounts of early spring forage, and to naturally increase the soils fertility level.  Although, “Revive” can be planted anytime during the growing season, the seed blend especially thrives when other seed blends cannot.  
The hearty hybrid mix between Mandan Buckwheat, Spring Forage Pea and Winfred Brassica was formulated to germinate quickly and have rapid growth in the spring especially under cool and moist conditions.  Not only do these three plants produce large amounts of forage, they also increase the soils fertility.  Both the Buckwheat and Forage Pea plants are natural Nitrogen fixators, meaning they have the ability to convert natural Nitrogen (N₂) in our atmosphere into Ammonia (NH₃).  Plants can readily assimilate Ammonia to produce the aforementioned nitrogenous biomolecules needed in plant growth.  To go along with the Nitrogen Fixation, these plants all have three different types of root systems, which help grasp the soil in times of early spring erosion and help retain soil nutrients.  
You can either let the Revive seed blend grow the entire growing season or cultivate the mature plants into the soil and then plant a more desired Fall/Winter crop.
Winter Green Seed Blend