Annual Food Plot Mix



White Rack Annual Seed Blend

If you have spent time in the woods, you know that deer like a variety of food sources. It’s Mother Nature’s way of ensuring they get adequate nutrition. The White Rack Annual Blend has 6 different nutritional plants to ensure variety. There are numerous sources of information on the internet or from your county agricultural agents on best practices for managing soil for your food plot. Be sure to take advantage of those informational sources to ensure the best results and to maximize your investment of time and money.

Without proper moisture, weed management, and soil enrichment, the weeds will eventually take over and starve out the good stuff you worked so hard to plant. The White Rack Annual Blend is designed to be planted mid-summer to late fall. With the exception of a drought situation, the summer months are generally abundant with nutritional food sources for deer. By planting mid-summer to late fall, you will be providing your deer a food source when the other sources are starting to decline. As the fall season moves along, your food plot will be at its peak and will be an abundant nutritional source for many months! Many of the plants contain bulbs. These bulbs are nutritional sources later in the season. Be careful about planting too early. Deer will eat the succulent immature tops and impede the growth of your plot.

By choosing our White Rack Annual seed blend, you will be ensuring that your hard earned dollars are purchasing the highest quality seeds which will grow into a late season, abundant, nutritional food source for your herd.

  • The White Rack annual blend is designed to be planted mid-summer to late fall. If you’re familiar with food plots you know they can be a lot of work. However, they are the most economical and effective methods for improving the natural nutrition available to your deer.
    • Excellent seasonal (Fall-Winter) food source
    • High variety mix of turnip, radish, kale, and more…
    • Grows strong and is abundantly available
    • Ideal for hunting plots